Painting and drawing has been part of my life since I was a child. As a small girl I would accompany my father with my sketchbook, watching as he painted his landscapes plein air. I learned from him how to prime a board for my first work in oil, a painting of daffodils in a milk bottle. I watched my father as he would seat visitors (including my friends) in the dining room and draw their portraits. He drew me as a child and as a teenager, and painted my portrait in his studio/cellar. I was lucky to be able to continue my studies and, like my father, I now work in a basement studio in Camden, London.

I have loved every moment of my journey as an artist. My work is best described as drawing with colour and light. I am totally absorbed by colour and the way it combines with light to create form and give meaning to the world, and drive our emotions. I would like to share some of my work here.